Juice on Tapp is a Houston based company that was started to provide fresh, cold-pressed juice to the local community.  We believe in the benefits of consuming the daily recommended fruits and vegetables to allow for optimal nutrition and for the body to heal itself.  Our society doesn't always make the best food choices so we are here to help.  

Owners Jabari and Stanisha Tappin began their juicing journey in 2015.  Their desire was to become healthier as a family.  Over the years, life happened and their journey hit a lot of bumps in the road but they always returned to juicing.  In 2019, after making juice for a personal cleanse, the seed was planted to share their love of juicing with the world.  The Tappin’s value the time they spend together while juicing as a family.  Even their son, Jaiden, gets in on the action.  

Image by Heather Barnes